An anonymous Bikram yogi

Reasons to like Bikram #1 - I am a sweaty person

I am one of those people that sweats like crazy when I’m doing anything active. I can even break out in a sweat when I get too excited playing video games. It’s not because I am out of shape and overweight, I am neither of those things. I am not like that person you work with who gets pissed when the elevator is broken and they have to use the stairs. I am in shape and prefer to sprint up stairs. The issue is once my heart rate kicks up just a little bit I start sweating like crazy and don’t stop for quite a while. The quantity of sweat is much greater than the average person. What can I say, my body is good at keeping cooled down. 

Doing any group exercise class or going to the gym I end up being that person that people look at funny. They think something is wrong is me because my shirt is completely soaked and I am dripping everywhere. I have to carry multiple towels around the gym to prevent me from getting sweat on everything. I can wring out a couple of pint glasses of sweat from shirt. It is that bad. 

That brings me to my first (not most important) reason for loving this yoga.

In the torture chamber I am just another person. I am not that “sweaty guy”. I am just another person in the hot room sweating his ass off.